June 21, 2012 8:44 pm

Well hello, what have you all been up to?

I took a break from So House Proud as I was completing the last stretch of my degree and took some much deserved time off soon after. With the last year of university done and dusted, my friend, Harriet invited me to join her for a short break to Padstow, as a ‘we did it’ holiday. So yes, it’s been a while but I’m pleased to be back all refreshed.




It was the first time I’d ever been to Cornwall and I wish I’d visited much, much sooner. We were blessed to have sunshine for most of our stay there, so as you can imagine, I fell in love. The food was fantastic, the people friendly and relaxed with an almost sloth-like atmosphere. The apartment we stayed at was decorated just to my taste; I felt so very privileged to have been asked to join, I still can’t believe how very stunning it is.


I loved the little shops there too; I came home with two fabulous bowls, a dishcloth and two silver rings. I also managed to buy a few gifts for friends and family; I’m not the only one that deserves to be spoilt…

Coming back from sunny Cornwall to stormy Somerset was hard. The weather kept me indoors which led to lots and lots of sewing!




I finished off my candy-striped cushions, made a funky mountain cushion I saw on The Simple Things and the fabric chandelier I’m supposed to be talking about. You can make one too using a wire lampshade frame and an old bed sheet.




The wire lampshade I upcycled a while ago but because my lounge has very tall ceilings it got lost in all the space. I wasn’t going to throw it away so I started exploring the Internet to see what I could do with it.

If you’re a fan of Pinterest then you’ve certainly come across this pin: a lampshade created by Rachel of abeautifulmess.typepad.com. It was her fabric chandelier that inspired me to upcycled my lampshade frame for a second time.

What you will need:

Lampshade frame

Fabric (bed sheet)



1)   Cut the strips of fabric. I went for a shabby look by cutting the fabric (1 inch wide) and tearing it along the length of the sheet. This meant that I could make the strips different lengths to give the chandelier dimension.

2)   Drape the fabric over the wire frame distributing the fabric evenly. Tip: I added a few cream pieces of fabric to give it depth – you could add a different textured fabric or a colour that goes with the room’s colour scheme.

3)   Now hang your chandelier with pride and open a window: it’s like bringing the summer indoors as the wind dashes among the fabric.


Happy upcycling!


Yours truly,


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  • Hi!
    What a beautiful idea! I still have a wire frame, really thinking about making one -now I need to figure out where to put it. Great inspiration, thank you.
    Cornwall is so beautiful, so nice to hear you had a great time,

    Flavor Designs

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